Joker / Clown

bdut.gifwe know the Joker or a clown, especially children who often see the joke eth tertawariang not bulge?, Lha adults only when viewing the action they were also laughing hilarious. Let’s see from his clothes already invited cuteness aja …. especially when they act to entertain anyone who wants to see action even though not everyone can perform its role. He did not look at who is entertained or picky in their duties, uh clear it his duty to act entertain ya! what’s important in the minds of the Clown?. what’s important? can see people laughing at the sight of the action funny. whether the Clown feel sad when they are the audience did not laugh, it is clear there is no sense of disappointment that the joke is not funny. we see only his role in entertaining people, whether we see that there is in that role in their daily life? Well it is not our business. But we see from the positive side, the world does he have a very noble mission, which clearly they want a little smile from us, so we feel comforted by his presence. although we do not know in his clown mask that a person who like what? well apparently, kehidupanya. What he was happy or glum because banayak once the problems encountered in life we also do not know. * ~ One of the most important we know, what zaaaa clear whether we can become people who could entertain or make people happy though, they do not want to know us?

Ga * ~ But at least we can make other people do not feel sad with the arrival

us, hehe … Make them smile when we are near them or even to entertain when they need it.

* ~ Who clearly do not act as a government clowns who do not want to know the conscience

!!!(~ people different roles ni ~)


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  1. mbuat orang senyum ya?

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