between happy and sad

images33.gifWhy do humans pobud occur between “happy and sad”. emang sometimes some say it is a destiny of our life in this world. there are also couples who say it is never lost in life.
“Happy” everyone would want that one word. But how do we respond to accept the happiness that or how do we get a happiness that surely everyone’s dream. sometimes happiness our happiness is also the nearest person. always give the form that we want happiness in various ways in delivering happiness.

In terserat happiness to sadness that always dreamed of step motion of our life.

sad, sad, sad. said that people do not want it.

sadness never expected in his life, but sad present to give happiness to another. although we can not eliminate the feeling of sadness when the fear of the emergence of sadness or who make a sad person, who felt we or others feel if we can feel the sorrow of others??

from feelings of sadness will come happiness when we are good at looking good from any side that sadness and happiness in it. all people have different views.

Between happy and sad ~ ~


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