Math Problems

images1.gifA good learning process certainly more and more problems that must be handled in order to make a smooth learning process. And problems which arise, will make a progress for learning if we can solve the problem. Both the problems of students, teachers, and the lesson is there. Just as students continue in the class dislike crowded during the learning process, it also as a classical problem wherever located, or the students who often violate school rules established by the school, but other problems will arise that are not on rule- rules that have been made. So the task was the one who gave BK solisi for students who violate, because of the students are always changing sikologinya and the influence of the environment, the most influencing and filters from the students is very less especially the role of a guardian of his pupils who pays little attention to the development of their children, so it appears problems of an increasingly diverse and this is also the responsibility of a teacher to help the problems that arise.

From the description above outlines many problems that exist in the world of education, especially in the learning process in class also emerged. Like the lesson problem which is considered as a burden the mind of the students because it is difficult and is considered very complicated. So that students are no longer eager to follow it then comes the problem of maple sisiswa make noise in class, bullying. And what actions of a teacher saw the incident? usually give a warning to not do that, if the teacher is still difficult to give a warning to get out of class. Maybe it’s just a very small example there are very many problems that arise during the process of learning.

Let us as a teacher and perhaps the observer, our salary exchange ideas to provide solutions for existing problems. Especially me as a new teacher at a high school in Semarang administer maple mathematics. Describe some current problems of mathematics dimapel walk it a learning process in class. In fact we already use SBC expected students to think more creatively to develop his ability, here the role of the teacher only as a referral in a learning process, and if the student is considered to have amenities such as books, worksheets that can be a highly effective teaching materials for students’ level junior high and high school. Teacher only provides solutions to help solve the problems that obtained from the student. So that students can learn independently considered in the study of matter. But in fact earned, the teacher was lecturing and working on the questions contained in the worksheets or in books.

Mathematics is a maple that is very unpleasant for most students, therefore it is necessary to change the way we teach let the students do not feel awful, feel dizzy when told to do soal2 and kesuliatan understand. First we have to offer and provide motivation for describing mathematics is an exciting toy, sepertihalnya using media that can be used in teaching in the media today is very much a game of mathematics, and using multimedia offered to handle it. Both see the numbers and formulas as a romantic Sair-Sair, because so many students who see a lot of numbers and formulas already feel dizzy head. All three gave formula mengasikan learning and learning mathematics that is not a rote, so necessary routines to solve the problem or problems that exist and learn or learn at home do not need that much time or many hours to spend studying one problem, but many time in repeating or writing about and the same answer within 5 minutes of questions and hose how many hours trying to be seen again and try to do it again. The four tries to cultivate students’ advanced work in front of the class without coercion from teachers, but advanced with a happy heart but that is hard to do most students do fear the wrong time, the role of teachers encouraging how how I’ll feel happy now move forward. The five gave the task to be done by forming study groups either in class or at home. Sixth …. Please search for solutions appropriate to the circumstances or condition of students, learning facilities and teachers administer.

All this only a few solutions that describe the mathematics is a fun thing to learn.


3 Komentar

  1. Pak Guru, memang tergantung kita sebagai guru yang langsung barada dikelas jadi mungkin tetep berbeda2 cara penanganannya. Tapi resep yang itu juga lumayan untuk nangani mapel matematika.

  2. Emang kita punya cara yang berbeda2 untuk menangani masalah2 yang muncul dikelas. Apalagi saya juga merasakaan saat ppl mengajar matematika. anak2 banyak yang merasa bosan denger mengerjakan tugas2 atao mengerjakan latihan2, kadang malah pada bilang pusing2 Bu…! tapi kita tetep memberikan semangat agar terus mau berlatih. emang bener kalau matematika ya perlu banyak mengerjakan soal2 latihan biar terbiasa dengan penyelesaiannya ya…ga ..pak Guru?!?!

  3. apapun itu ya musti kita pelajari…

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