social activities The MATe

Sunday, 9.30 pm that day so give a discourse that is so giving a very good social impression, when we held an activity that can be useful for others and sharing our joy and silaturohmi for members of The Mathematics Adventure Team (The Mate) Mathematics Unnes particular and for the children of Al-Bisyri Sampangan cottage, Semarang. Although we give little attention to them but to provide motivation and impression.

gm3.gif4th birthday which is supposed to be held on December 19, 2007, but implementation is not important on any given day, although most people here when commemorating the anniversary of something is sometimes much more interested in fun, and partying. Alhamdulillah our brothers in the mate would give such pleasure in anak2 that need our attention too. Although not much insaAllah beneficial for them.

By concern providing textbooks and stationery and this is very beneficial for their education. And still desperately need a helping hand from us that are still given rizki more. In fact, children collect member of The Mate. “Kak when held Bimbel again” came the word that was brought kekita all. True there was the schedule for members of The Mate provide for their children Bimbel Al-Bisyri, and they are very antosias them to learn. Maybe for some reason a member of The Mate stagnant ‘middle of the road, but as soon as possible to walk back insaAllah Bimbel because it is very useful to enhance children’s learning motivation Al-Bisyri. Learning the process not only in class forma, wherever and whenever is making the learning process for us all beings which are still given a reason and the mind. And good science that we obtain useful for others.

Read phonetically


gm2.gifIn addition to eating together Cut the cone and also held the intimacy between members of The mate with the children of Pondok. The atmosphere is so deeply felt, seen face recording happiness, and laughter that sounded so warm.

It’s birthday celebration is not important, but most importantly to take advantage and fleshback backward to move forward for better and more developed.

Hopefully The Mate can run the trust not only as a lover of nature, but also maintain its relationship with the servant of Allah.

CONGRATULATIONS age of 4 yrs is not a matter that is important but more important step forward from year to year and prepare for a better life. AMIN …


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