Pursue Victory Day

images23.jpegDay after day, we as human beings who should be free but it has a responsibility in life. Sometimes where it is human freedom itself can not be obtained semuanya.Sehingga life was burdened with the burden of life that day after day passed and whether these burdens which can be referred to the daily problems that sometimes make us feel preoccupied with the presence, even feel constrained because of its existence.

Many people are unable to pursue a day with a victory even failure that is considered a mistake in moving. So mired in a life that continues to make an unacceptable failure with a clear heart. So many people are into madness because of the life of the world. Whether it’s crazy or insane Earthly character and morals. that still greater impacts that occur because of errors in pursuing a victory.
But with patience and big hearts our gratitude to the supreme creator InsaAllah we can pursue a day of victory that makes the dream of every human being. Amen

1 Komentar

  1. Bersyukurlah saat engkau jatuh dan terinjak – injak, karena itu akan membuatmu lebih kuat.
    Dan kata orang cina nih, tak akan berhenti sebelum gagal 3 kali
    Sedangkan orang jepang mengatakan, saat saya jatuh 7 kali, maka yang ke-8 nya adalah berdiri.

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