Mountain Gede-Pangrango The MATe 2007

Year-End Climbing Mount Gede-Pangrango The MATe 2007

End of 2007 yesterday The Mate had lho activities, would you know? Precisely on December 21 to 26 mid 2007 The Mate carry out the activities of “Expedition Gunung Gede-Pangrango 2007”. This activity is a work program of The Mate is delayed, that the plan will initially implement the expedition of Mount Semeru, because of the weather that is not possible to make the climb then to the agreement, then transferred to Mount Semeru Expedition Expedition Gunung Gede-Pangrango.Kegian was followed by 3 members associate of The Mate, which is composed of Agus Tiawan (NIT 049 BB), Agus Ari Suseno (NIT 051 BB), Siti Anisarofah (NIT 064 BB) and a companion of the extraordinary members of Adi Pranowo (NIT 006 IM).

Friday December 21, 2007 team gathered dikampus Mathematics for packing and preparing all the equipment that will be taken during ascent. Team set up all equipment carefully for the climb will run smoothly. At about 18:27 team departed from campus to the station Poncol Unnes Semarang. After arriving at the station Poncol tem pause and book tickets with a major Jakarta Kota Station, a few minutes waiting for the train finally arrived at 19:04 o’clock, the team had boarded the train and enjoy the journey to Jakarta Kota station more or less taken for 9 hours. Inside the train the team used the time to rest because the journey is still quite far away. Saturday, December 22, 2007, at 03:06 a cold wind was blowing from the window of the train and sounded the horn sounds the team rode the train stopped and it was marked that the travel team has arrived in Jakarta Kota Station. After the train down emergency team a short break, at around 3:34 we were looking to implement obligations of the Muslim Mosque and clean. While waiting for the electric train that led to the Bogor Station came at 07:09 o’clock, the team was resting. KRL came while jostling with other passengers finally KRL and the team can go to a seat, as he boarded the train we were enjoying the trip to see the skyscraper buildings we can see from the sidelines of the window. The journey from Jakarta Kota Station to Station Bogor taken approximately 2 hours drive. After reaching the Bogor Station team was immediately looking for transport to the Cibodas who applied for approximately 3 hours drive,,,, it felt really tired ….! Up in Cibodas team also felt the chill of mountain air, because in this Cibodas a protected forest area and is heading the climb to Mount Gede-Pangrango. Until we Cibodas foot ascent to the post for 10 minutes. After reaching the post we were climbing to register and check luggage at the post, because in the Park is still very fresh so the supervisor must check luggage we had brought. After we had finished checking the rest for next day’s journey can be more fresh.
Sunday morning, December 23, 2007 the team breakfast the morning after your team was looking for luggage that is not required and deposited in the post climbing. After the team had finished packing and at around 08:21 climbing team set off from heading to the post cage rhino taken approximately 5 hours travel by foot …. Began to climb the mountain nich …. Huh … !!!??? team really enjoyed the trip because the route passed by not too steep, well supported trees that still shade and natural. Approximately 1 hour drive the team even reached the postal blue lake, in this post there is a very beautiful lake and lush create more team spirit to make this climb …. Rest a moment on the journey began again, about 40 minutes the way we were greeted with street form a very natural wood, our experiences during the climb this mountain for the first time feel the beauty of this. Line a timber is approximately 2 km in length and after that the road be made of stone stairs again. After walking for about 1.5 hours from the lake was blue team arrived at the post Cieubereum waterfall, a very typical sounding rumble of the road. Team a short break to walk straight back into the cage rhino heading, after passing the post Cieubereum waterfall team also pass through the hot water flowing in the middle route, which we were surprised to heat hot water is approximately 80 degrees Celsius. 15 minutes of hot water until well in the cage of stone, we also fill the water because our water supply runs out, bottles were met us continue the journey to the post rock cage approximately 1 hour, we had the spirit to quickly get to the post rock cage. After the rhino cage until we were heading a short break while setting up camp, after we had the tent stood a break and cook because our stomachs are grumbling,,,, team rhino cage overnight at the post. Monday, December 24, 2007 Early in the morning the team got up early because it will rise to the top, heading cage rhino is a T-junction towards the peak and Pangrango Gede. After preparing all the team began to walk towards the summit pangrango, on the way to the summit pangrango found many trees uprooted, roads are slippery and we saw keadang forest orchid plant is very beautiful, the way we were accompanied by a little drizzle-drizzle. Sekkitar 2 hour journey we arrived at the peak pangrango and was greeted by a monument that is green is also called Tugu Soe Hok Gie, a short break we continue the journey to the Valley of the valley Mandalawangi edelweys expanse of gardens and is one of the filming Soe Hok Gie . This valley was the fog began to fall, the cold began to seep kekulit we continue the journey down and go to the top big enough accompanied by heavy rain. About 1 hour we had reached the post body cage again, we also fill the water and immediately proceed to the summit big. Big peak is very different from the peak pangrango, if pangrango in domonasi with lush trees and forests are different from big wet because of the domination by steep rocks, so go to the top of the big pretty steep. With the remnants of our energy was still enthusiasm for quickly reached the top. While accompanied by fog and rain we tread a rocky road one by one, on the path to the top of this big there are also demons that climbs the steep slope of rocky slope is approximately 80 degrees and also dijalur to the top of this big there are also mine to hold on for the climbers. Approximately 1 hour drive we began to smell sulfur in the wind, this means that the peak we were getting closer to the spirit, 30 minutes later we saw a bright spot despite the cloudy and a storm came we were still encouraging. Having reached the top of our wish is to see the crater, but Logo foggy weather and storms we can not see keindhan big crater, we finally decided to go down to the post rhino enclosure. After reaching the post we were Ishoma rhino enclosure and packing our equipment, about 16:19 o’clock all was finished we went down to the post climbing. Finally around 23:48 we went down to post the climb, we went to rest because tomorrow we are going back to Semarang. December 25, 2007, morning at 4:26 we were looking for transport towards the Bogor Station, about 7:48 o’clock we arrived at the station and was lucky KRL Bogor to Jakarta Kota Station at 8:03, we immediately bought tickets. After arriving in Jakarta Station we rested while waiting for the train to Semarang who came at around 20:53, we also used the time to rest as he talked. The train came we went up and returned to Semarang, at around 6:12 we arrived at the station Poncol Semarang, we were heading straight into Unnes with many stories and experiences.
For that information if you want to do a mass ascent or climb the mountain alone to big-pangrango expected to report a month earlier and was required to report and ask for permission from the local officials because the mountain is big-pangrango national park area so permission must be met.

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  1. Koq nda mampir mas ke tempat ku? ngomong2 sempat nda metik edelweis

  2. Aduh sayangnya ga tau alamatnya, kalo masalah edelwais biarlah mereka hidup dan berguguran ditempatnya.

  3. Hmm kalo misalnya mo ndaki Gunung ajak aku yaw……….hueheheh 😀

    aku ada Cimplungan Tela niehh hueheh buat bekal

  4. hiiiii

    ~> Hi… Too

  5. keren bgt bro? mau dong bisa gabung?…..

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