U’r belived that…?

You have come to your opinions through your own life experiences, and you have every right to stand firmly behind them. However, you also have to realize that other people have come to their conclusions through their own legitimate ways — you can’t disqualify an opinion just because it doesn’t match yours. So don’t be too dogmatic in your beliefs. If you close your mind, you will inevitably shut out some people who could enrich your life in ways you don’t yet understand.

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  1. okay i agree with you when you say that we have to open our mind with people’s opinion about us. But we also have a belief that no one ever can change. That is our religion. I always say that islam is my way.Wait……(don’t think that i’m a religious people). we trust it deep in our heart, i’m sure about it. so,when some peoples want us to do something wrong we can say “no” loudly. i know we are not alone in this world, we have to hear someone else’s opinion, but there’s always islam as a filter to know what is the best for us.

  2. All right, Im aprove too. Coz we are a religious people. Txs
    But this can motivation to spirit us.
    But this is Opinion.”ok”.

  3. Yeah this world is so complex. We have to live with many kinds of people in this world. And that will not be an odd for us. We can learn more and more everyday when we meet others people because we can’t learn all things in this world by ourselves. We need other peoples in this world.
    And we need someone to say ” you’re great! ” to make us sure that we are really great. And we need someone to raise us up when we are down. And this world will be more and more beutiful when we can share our life. Allah has sent us in to this world to know each other.

  4. Ok…I see! we life, and may be we can learn to more in the word. but we can take it to learn from evrything problems. so… we hasbeen one or more experiens in we life and other people.
    But I thing belive we can raise up whan we same problem and make we down….
    2 keys in life are spiritual and religion…
    but I dont know this true or fales…
    people have 1milion opinion…in life
    whay we life, …
    what take we life…

  5. Yeah we must wake up when we get the same problem. If we can’t face it, it’s mean that we are unlucky people because we make the same mistake in the same problem. It’s mean we can’t learn from our mistakes.
    The most important keys in our life is religion. We can do all things in this world based on our religion. And we choose islam as our religion.
    Yeah, different mind, different opinion. Many opinions appear and we don’t know what is the best ones. Only Allah has known. But if we are sure, insyaAllah that is the best for us.
    everyday, the time passes us by, and we never know when it will ends. So, try to do the best in every second of our time and we will never regret it behind. One regret from yesterday means nothing for us. It just waste our time. It just make us look back to our mistake.
    Sorry,maybe i just can say it but i can’t do it.Actually, i always try and try to do it. Because i love my past time so much. But there will always be a better day in the future. So don’t give up!!! La Tahzan Allaha ma ana. Don’t be afraid, there is Allah to guide us into the light.

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