“cano” Water Sports

star006.jpgSport is very necessary to provide balance in the motor motion and also of course our health. <~”wah sport bgt … 😀 ~> But really we need an activity or activities that make our body movement, which may in a few days we are busy with work or other affairs. And sometimes makes us so ztrezzing …. for it is also necessary to have activities that rilekz so that the activities of our body to be fit again.

Weekend Moreover, most people usually use to fill time for activities that would give kenyamannan in life (feeling is free ~ ~). But sometimes to be also used for activities at home such as cleaning the house example, also including sports or activities that rilekz but also healthy. Not that only the mother-housewife wrote that perform these activities, fathers household ….. but also children in boarding house. (~  kost we…e_e 😀 ~). But the point of these activities can remove ztrezz result of our activities on the day-another day, or also due to saturation of the same activities continue every day.
star048.jpgCano …. including sports watter, I want to introduce the sport on this one. besides cheap but also fun ….. but we also need to consider safety in this sport, such equipment must wear a life jacket…<~ready to take the inverse tau ga ‘can swim …~> but it also needs to be checked Cano that we use in the ready paka not, oars that we use can also be seen still in use or have suffered damage ….<~ important to safety ~>.
Before we do these sports, it should warm up for the wrist muscles and body so as not to experience steress at his muscles …, let me relax so … and ready to paddle our Cano. The balance between the body by rowing is also needed in order to remain balanced. <~ Or more clearly again asked the instructor that there …~>
Hopefully make the days of healthy …. with routines that make us jenu ….

3 Komentar

  1. ya…ya……apalagi kalau dibuat lomba!!!
    tuh pemenangnya dah kelihatan yang angkat dayung paling tinggi
    ****wah ini anak PeDe aja itu juga udah tak pur 1 km….kok masih dibelakang + mbalik2 lagi… 😀

  2. hahahaha, yang penting menag, yakan. hehhe. Pokoknya maju terus pantang muduuuuur.
    iyo ra kang??

  3. hai..hai.. pecinta canoe………..???????????
    mau nanyak downk….
    qira” berapasih harga canoe? n dimana bisa beliiiiii……
    tolong ya, yang punya informasi tentang canoe….

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