Freedom of Useful For Teachers

Seeing the development of education that is always demanded of educators, especially teachers, make one of reflection to develop themselves as educators who follow the development of a change in education. Besides prosecuted as a professional teacher, also claimed to be a teacher who is always able to develop themselves to promote education and development in teaching and learning.

Currently, the development of information technology is also growing very rapidly, such as the use of multimedia as a medium of learning, school information systems (SIMSekolah) that uses a database system with any software application used to provide information needed by public schools and the general public, and the development of the Internet that exploited in education and science.
Blogs are postting media on the internet, many tamplate facilities used to develop the creativity of the users of blogs. The use of blogs in Indonesia recently seen growing very rapidly from 2006 till now increasing rapidly, the users from the general public, the pembisnis, artist, student, students, etc.. Even now teachers have started using the internet one of them through blogs, can be used as a medium of learning.
The use of blogs is very widely depending on the management of users, but we as teachers are required to develop and as well as utilize all media that can support teaching and learning process for teachers and students. This media can be used to deliver new materials that can be downloaded and studied back at home, giving tasks, making interactive learning media in blogs, even as an ingredient or a forum discussion indirectly by pesertadidik or with other educators so that communication continues outside environment is established although the school.
So far, teachers also develop blogs as a publishing media articles are made, so that foster creativity in writing a good scientific work on education or other science. Thus, these articles can be beneficial to pesertadidiknya or the general public. Provide information about educational progress uptodate.
Sometimes blogs as well as a means to criticize a school activity for better, for usually pesertadidik afraid to criticize the teacher directly. With this medium, students will dare to give criticism and advice for teachers for the benefit and progress together. Teachers do need a mirror of pesertadidik order to deliver the best for the continuity of a learning process both within the school and community environment which is also a learning process. Because teachers also learned for the pesertadidiknya friend. It can also be useful to motivate yourself as a teacher, so it can provide more useful for education.
Very many benefits of blogs that can be used to support the learning process, but not primary. Most importantly, how educators can develop the existing Education for the advancement of the Nation Beloved.

“Liberate education from all the hamper colonization Nations education and intellectual life of the Nation”.


2 Komentar

  1. Tulisan artikel di blog Anda bagus-bagus. Agar lebih bermanfaat lagi, Anda bisa lebih mempromosikan dan mempopulerkan artikel Anda di ke semua pembaca di seluruh Indonesia. Salam Blogger!

  2. yup, dengan blog guru bisa belajar lebih byk dari berbagai sumber dan menuliskna karya2nya sehingga bisa bermanfaat utk pembaca

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