Presentations problem solving


Presentation of three-dimensional problem solving materials in the development aspects of the assessment of learners class 1 x sma country Banjarnegara 2008

Ahlis, 2008


<download> using indonesian


Creativity of learners will develop where the students often get something problems that arise and then present the problem and the need for a joint discussion, so that ideas will emerge from the discussions to solve a problem. So that helps in studying a material in learning. How do engineering students can use computer programming in a presentation to convey the daily problems on the material dimension of three classes of x. Aspects of learning that comes in a presentation at the dimensions of the three classes of material x. In learning the teacher must also consider the three aspects that will emerge in the learning process. For practicality and convenience in the assessment of mathematics as outlined in 3 aspects ie, understanding concepts, reasoning and communication, and problem-solving. Learning activities undertaken by the methods applied in the class X-2 SMA Negeri 1 Banjarnegara with the number of learners 32, dated 29 May 2008. In consideration of first-class facilities that can assist learning activities such as computers, and LCD. With the use of engineering computer programming, each group can deliver a presentation to give the appearance that facilitates students in understanding the issues presented. From the learning process with a presentation, discussion, it can appear several aspects such as aspects of the understanding of the concepts in problem solving, reasoning and communication aspects of delivery problems and express opinions, and problem-solving aspect of the present with the presentation.


1 Komentar

  1. Pa yang di bilang da benerx juga sich.
    Coz anak didik tu bkalan bosan lok gak diskusi, karena dalam diskusi semua bebas mengeluarkan pendapat.
    Saya setuju bgt dechhhh ma pa yg di utarakan ma mas Ahlis Widiyanto.
    Sukses truzz bwt mas Widi

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