A Fun Learnning in learning mathematics

“MATH” is always a lesson that is considered as a maple that is difficult to learn. Moreover, learners work with the right brain is more dominant in their daily activities. This maple will become an obstacle in the learning process. So the learning needs to consider the conditions that need and can encourage or motivate learners in ongoing learning.
A fun learning may be one method that can motivate the learning process. Perhaps this process run longer in the results obtained by the learners’ learning. Because disisilain influence of the environment is also very noteworthy. One teacher maple itself. May develop more creative in every lesson that is always different but right in the lesson so that objectives can be achieved.

Under conditions of learners that fun or it can with the theme “learning mathematics with fun” then the students of participants can follow the fun too, so they do not feel bored in learning Mathematics. But in this learning process must also consider the problems that become obstacles in the learning process the learner, so it can help teachers to implement A learnning fun in class.
Is one of the favorite hobby or activity that often and would also be nice if the students perform in accordance with the hobby he enjoys. This is one approach that teachers can do to implement this learnning A fun. Although in this case, students must have a hobby of participants of different individuals can be grouped within their hobbies tend to be similar. With these small groups of teachers can learn how the proper treatment of the morning group, although in the discussion of the same material.
Teachers also pay attention to three aspects of assessment that must be achieved, such as aspects of the concept of understanding, reasoning and communication aspects, as well as problem-solving aspect. Then it can be developed by teachers for the method in the learning process and the right media in supporting learners’ learning in the classroom.
With a pleasant atmosphere expected of learners in learning more unsaturated MATH, indeed expected to be motivated to learn with fun.



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