example lesson plan Mathematics/yearX/1

LP: Exponents, roots <download>
LP: logarihtm <download>
LP: SPL tiga variabel <download>
LP: inequations <download>
LP: quadratic funtion <download>
LP: graph of quadratic funtion <download>

Name of School : SMAN 1 Banjarnegara
Lecture/Subject : Mathematics/Exponents, roots, and logarithm
Class/Semester : X/ Odd semester
Time Allocation/Duration : 4 x 45 minute / 2 time
Section :

I. Standard Competency : Expert in real & theoretical problem solving on exponents, roots, and logarithmMore...

II. Basic Competency : Have a good ability for using laws and rule of
exponents, roots, and logarithm

III. Indicators :
Students will have a good ability to know the whole process of exponents, roots, and logarithm.

Input’s indicators:
1. Availability all the references (original books) needed
2. Developing quality of teacher in mathematics knowledge (discussion, training, computer literate, etc.)

Process’ Indicators
1. To change negative exponents into positive exponents and vice versa
2. To interchange fractional exponents and roots
3. To carry out algebra operation of exponents
4. To simplify the form of expression in term of exponents
5. To rationalize roots’ form
6. To change roots’ form into powers
7. To carry out algebra’s operations on roots
8. To simplify the form of expression in term of roots

Output’s Indicators:
1. All the students will pass from the test (zero remedial)
2. The mark of mathematics would be greater than 6.8 or 7.5

IV. Subject Aims :
Students will be able to solve the real and theoretical problem in roots, exponents and logarithm

V. Prerequisite : Pass from the basic competence of integer-number’s subject.

VI. Syllabus Outline :
Basic concept of exponents knowledge with focus on integer & rational power

VII. Teaching Methodology and Teaching Steps:
1. Teaching method is driven through lecture class, discussion, and assignment.
2. Teaching steps is conducted with cooperative learning, and class activities were designed in term of (1) Initial Activity, (2) Middle Activity, and (3) Final Activity as follow:

A. Section : part 1 (2 x 45 minute)

1. Initial Activity (15′)
The teacher and student to review the material of integers

2. Middle Activity (60′):
Teaching class will be conducted by one way direction teaching method and discussion between students and teacher in expected as follow:
a. Students should improve their understanding especially in analysis of this material
b. Students must be able to know definition of exponents
c. Students should be able to describe and understanding of exponents
d. Students know the relationship between exponents and roots
e. Students can solve some exercises given by teacher and its application with focus on law exponents

3. Final Activity (15′)
Students must conduct (have) summary of this material

B. Section : part 2 (2 x 45 minute)

1. Initial Activity (15′)
The teacher and student to review the material of exponents

2. Middle Activity (60′)
a. defining roots
b. describing roots and its connection with exponents
c. apply set of law roots

3. Final Activity (15′)
The student to summery the material of roots

VIII. Recommended References:
(1)Edward & Peney, 1990 Calculus and Analytic Geometry, Prentice-Hall, Inc, New Jersey
(2) Willa Adrian SL. 2007, Matematika bilingual untuk SMA kelas X, Yrama widya,
(3) Tim Math SMA. 2008, Modul Matematika, SMA N1 Banjarnegara,

IX. Evaluation :
Evaluation will be conducted through (1) Homework & Assignments (A), and (2) Daily –Test (DT). The final mark will be designed by formula as below:

N= (2 DT+ 1 A + 1 FT)/4

() Final / Semester Test (FT) : 25%

Approval by,
Head of master Teacher of mathematics

Drs. Supriyadi, M.Pd. Ahlis widiyanto, S. Pd


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  1. hello………
    ayo semangat..
    kapan dolan semarang

  2. Assalam,,,,,,,,

    wah,,,, balance nya TOP BANGET.
    Bisa berbagi nh,,
    Salam kenal yo, nanti kalo ke Banten jangan lupa Kabar-Kabari.

    keep spirit…………..

  3. I should notify you about this.

  4. thanks iah bapak atas contoh lesson plannya 😀
    saya minta izin untuk memakainya sebagai panduan dalam membuat lesson plan saya.
    hanya sistematikanya saja yang saya contoh 🙂
    thanks so much..

    >::::sama2 yang penting bisa bermanfaat untuk pendidikan….nuwun

  5. terima kasih ya bapa untuk lesson plannya.. saya meminta ijin sebagai panduan membuat lesson plan saya 🙂

  6. wherw’s the completely lesson plan?

  7. Khairisunsaleh >>>may be U’r can to complicated this lesson plan n U’r can take a materials into this LP…nuwun

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