Under a microscope and magnifying glass, objects look larger than the original. With the discovery of technology of microscope, the object of very small size can be look. The process of the enlargement or reducing the size of an object with a certain scale factor is called dilation. How does mathematics do this process?

• Determining the image points, tines, planes, and curves that is transformed by a certain transformation.
• Using the rule of composition transformation to determine the image of a point, tine, plane, and curve.

• Transformation
• Translations
• Reflections
• Rotations
• Dilations
• Scale Factor
• Composition of Transformations
• Matrix

A. The Definition and Types of Transformation
B. Corresponding Matrices to Transformations
C. Composition Transformation

There are many transformation phenomenon’s in our daily life. For instances, when you are in the front of a mirror, you will see your images that similar to yourselves. Similarly, if you move some books from one position to another one, the books are moving as far as you move it. Marry go around as shown in the picture at right, is an application of rotation, one of the types of transformation.


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