Sindoro Expeditionary Force YOUNG VI The Mathematics Adventure Team

4-5 april 2009,”Sustainable”, if we make taksalah nature as a lesson for life. From The Mate and Science UNNES (The Mathematic Adventure Team) comes the “young thinkers who are passionate.” Not only pendakin behind Gn.Sindoro but there can be taken khikmahnya, with careful planning and management of travel that is considered by the YOUNG members of The Mate … That way the team that prosecuted … solidity, the journey from beginning to end climbing ascent went smoothly.

Ever-changing natural phenomena such as changes in life

man even to ourselves to learn, so we know there

changes or not …. “Bio feelling” that appears, sensitivity to nature.

Brotherhood also established, thus we will be able to work well if we want to help our other brothers.

There are many other khikmah live we want to learn or not …

“Always eager for you YOUNG Force VI The mate, hopefully become a valuable lesson … for all of us ….” NIT.007.IM


2 Komentar

  1. mau nimbrung ni ,Anggota : MUDA The MATe,jangan cuma mendaki,melihat fenomena alam dan perubahan alam.
    coba berfikir dan bertindak apa yang seharusnya bisa dikerjakan untuk melestarikan alam yang sudah tua ini.oc

  2. wah wah wah
    g nyangka dah sampe angkatan ke-6 padahal dulu si ahlis baru menetas 🙂
    keep the good work bro 😉

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