Media Shape the Concept Image


Image Concept Media Shape as accompanied CD Learning Tools to Help in Understanding the Concept of Self Square function, and Educate Participants Raising Creativity in Learning Mathematics

Ahlis W, 2009




Learning is a process of communication between teachers and learners. Communication process that occurs not always run smoothly, even the communication process can lead to misunderstandings, or one concept. For that a teacher should use appropriate methods to support the learning process. What is the use of media CD shapes and Tools to help learn independently in understanding the concept of quadratic functions, and bring creativity of learners in learning mathematics.

A concept name when viewed or when there was a stimulus to our memory. Something that caused by the concept name in our memory. In general, not the concept definitions, even the concept image that is displayed by the user to have a definition. This is referred to as a “concept image”. Before you get a concept in the definition of the given stimulus in the form of shape to get the concept image, and then lead back to the definition after getting solution of the problem in theory form the intellectual output of a behavior. Creativity in mathematics allows to happen and act as a powerful motivating force that can lead to a behavior in the development of mathematical theories.

The materials used as media material shape easily available and cheap price, so that learners can make anywhere form material colors of paper or other materials that are easy to create media shape. Making use of tools in the process of media CD shapes needed as auxiliary tools in the manufacturing as well as in the learning process.

Media Shape in the manufacture and wearer is very easy, so that learners can create their own. The use of CD as a tool in the operation of the media shape and answer the problem and understanding the concept of summation, subtraction, and look for factors of quadratic functions. Learners can learn independently and to make a shape with a variety of color media that is not boring in learning.


Katakunci: Media shape, Concept Image, CD Tools, Stimulus.


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  1. mas qu download y tuk nambah referensi skripsi qu,,klo ada yang lebih lengkap dari ini mau dunk mas ke email qu

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