When the Heart Restless

when the heart restless
“Teacher, I’m fragile … my life worthless … like dirt … I’m just dirty …”

“When my blood flow die”
“I want to kill myself!”
Pupils thus sobbed silently in front of the teacher who sat cross-legged enjoy a delicious cup of black coffee nan in a dimly lit room.

The teacher got up to take a small aquarium corner of the room containing the two fish
A golden-colored tail and a white fish that looks unusual because the fish are fish that used to live in rice fields

Then poured a few drops of black ink into it
Until the water change color becomes thick and black
Small fish it slowly began to look confused
Even the golden fish that looks stagger
Walking to and fro lost its way …
Flounder run out of oxygen
Until death
“… Your hearts and minds of my students are like fish in black water is …”
“The dark, musty, cramped uncomfortable”
“When in the dark world was an inch wide”
“When in the sultry feel helpless life … without a choice”
“When narrow minds … our hearts our souls merapuh blunt …”
Slowly the Guru took a big jug of water white clear
Poured into the aquarium which was black
So slowly the black water continues to fade
Continue even until the water is poured in tank overflow
Continue to pour until the water inside the tank to be re-clear and transparent
Leaving the re-fresh white fish swim with the exhilaration ….
“… My student life and your heart filled with kindness and limpahilah with thanksgiving …”
“Forget all the trouble, misfortune, there is darkness”
“Syukurilah ease the existing”
“Focus on leisure rather than the narrowness”
“Count the fortune and misfortune forget”
“Pour feeling of thanksgiving to spread the goodness around you”
“Fill your heart with feelings of gratitude then slowly your heart fulfilled thanks”
Student asked: “Teacher, I find it hard to feel gratitude”
The Teacher replied: “Just multiply do good then your heart will learn to be grateful”

Student asked: “Teacher, I am weak and can not be patient”
The Teacher replied: “Let there be fish in rice fields by the difficulty of living grindstones”
“And make any difficulty of life is part of the process towards success”
Student asked: “Teacher, I’m still in the dark”
The Teacher replied: “Let there be Light!”
“No matter how small, be light for the round about you”
“Terbarkanlah goodness ….!”
“Then slowly kegelapanmu will fade, because you have a light”
Thank You Teachers …
Hopefully useful.

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