Beginning of the Semester

A teacher and Educate Participants have enjoyed the holidays end of the semester, although there are some teachers who are still concerned with his responsibility for the grant of the mandate for a work to be done so that the holiday should be in school. Educate Participants are also many who took the time to prepare some school activities at the beginning of school entry.

Monday, 12 Juni 2010 SMA Negeri 1 Banjarnegara.

Beginning of the semester began the school year 2010/2011, with the activity of MOS to the new Educate Pesserta which ended on Wednesday, June 14, 2010. Teacher Morale, Employee, and students also looks much less pronounced. Meet with the teacher, then told employees that have been passed during the holidays with family, friends and relatives. So also seen the full Educate Participants happily see a new atmosphere for the participants New Educate, and Educate Participants who had risen grade class to see younger brother who looks funny use of strange accessories.

MOS activities running smoothly, and also runs Mengajarpun Learning Activities. NEW SPIRIT remain visible for the beginning of the semester. But for Teachers are also required to have a new innovation that learning is more innovative than the last semester, it hopes. As a new spirit, new planning should also follow the work for Employees and Teachers Educate Participants also learn the more optimal, and of course achievements.

All for the advancement of education process even though only an inch of change for the better to prepare for the future more valuable.



2 Komentar

  1. weh..pak ahlis blognya ngaksist bgt……..

    :> ekha maturnuwun…gemana kuliahnya lancar….kul dimana???

  2. inggris kabeh deneng pak?

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