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When we hear a word heart …. We must know the function of the heart in every living creature in order to perform properly the performance or activities of living things. Basically the function of the heart to pump blood throughout the body, allowing blood to circulate nutrients throughout the body. When where the heart is not working then the blood can not flow throughout the body of the creature that too will die and organtubuh activity also does not work at all.

Education is a conscious and planned effort to create an atmosphere of learning and the learning process so that learners are actively developing the potential for him to have the spiritual power of religion, self-control, personality, intelligence, noble character, and the skills needed themselves and society. (Http:// And mankind is very important to get a good education, in order to live life properly. Education must also have adequate sources of knowledge so as to develop knowledge, also can develop the benefits of knowledge gained. In this case the infrastructure is also very important to support the Education for the course to run smoothly and useful.

We see that the library is a collection of books and magazines place either in a school / educational institution or in private homes. Once the importance of libraries because of the presence of a large collection of books and many visitors in the library science then obviously it will be merged for the study and developed the ability or knowledge. Likewise, a teacher must need reffrensi to teach his students, A student will also need reffrensi to learn and work on assignments or read books other than the subjects.

What if the library resource books do not have a lot of book collections, and visitors are also very little whether the existing education runs with maximum ….??? Now the era of era of rapidly growing information technology, Internet Online Library also presents more and more electronic books (e-Book) then everyone can get reffrensi very much and from various sources. It can develop it with the triggering of education or the spread of existing sciences at the library. Because the education of man is a lifelong education.

The availability of the Library for the advancement of education therefore heart …. Education is the Library.

How, if we already truly take advantage of the Library ….????



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