~ The first stage of worship is silence,

~ If you want to live more freely, borrow absence,

~ Avoid greedy, greedy because it is poverty,

~ The most ignorant among you are those who do not want to learn from the actions in the world,

~ The most wealthy among you are those who are not caught up in greed,

~ There is an organ in the body when he was good, so for sure the whole system yourself it would be good, and if he is ugly, then the whole system itself will be ugly. The organ is HEART,

~ The most powerful among you is the one who controls his anger,

~ Protect and respect the earth, because it’s like your mother,

~ Generations before you were destroyed because they failed cmenghukum thieves in power, but not merciful to punish pickpockets when small,

~ Drugs from ignorance is to ask and learn,

~ Dhikr moment is better than prayer circumcision a year,

~ God is beautiful and loves beauty.

(Quoted from the book silent singing a Sufi; James Fadiman & Robert Frager Al-Jerrahi (ED) Huston Smith’s introduction)