Quality product with quality management

Quality product with quality management. Not only an industry are in the process of working to produce a product, but also educators also have to produce the product.
The product quality can be seen from the existing management with a controlled productivity. Not that everything but the most important factor to determine the outcome of the product.
Quality management will surely produce a quality product. In other words in the world of education, the management of quality in the education process must result in this case the student will have the best quality as well.
In an educational institution it is necessary to quality management representative (QMR) to control all activities in the place of education, in hopes of providing quality in teaching and learning.


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  1. asalam..
    mas wiwit..
    ni yatmono direktur mico yg sekarang (2010/2011)
    apa kabar?
    oya.. tau pasword n username http://mipaconnect.wordpress.com/ ??
    insyaalloh mau tak update terus.

    sekarang mas dimana?
    jangan lupa bergabung dengan grup Mipaconnect di facebook..

    ngapura banget De’ aku udah lupa psswd coba tanya mz. Hidayat atau Directur yg lampau…hehehe

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