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Material Mountenering (Ascent of Mount). In an expedition / climbing the mountain that we know not just haphazardly climb, but we must have a science related to the ascent. I’ll share a little knowledge about climbing a volcano. In this case we must consider:

Because the mountain is a hard sport, full of adventure and requires skill, intelligence, strength and fighting spirit and high. Dangers and challenges is an attraction of this activity. In essence the danger and the challenge is to test the ability of self and to be integrated with nature. The success of a difficult climb, meaning an advantage against the fear and victory to the struggle against yourself.
In Indonesia, mountain climbing has become a popular activity since 1964 when climbers Indonesia and Japan conducted a joint expedition and reached the top of Sukarno in mountainous Jayawijaya, Irian Jaya (now Papua). They are Soedarto and Soegirin from Indonesia, and Fred Atabe from Japan. In the same year, mountain climbers associations nascent, beginning with the establishment of associations facer Wanadri jungle and mountain climbers in Bandung and Nature Lovers Students of University of Indonesia (Mapala UI) in Jakarta, followed later by other associations in various cities in Indonesia .
Mountaineering in the broad sense is a journey, ranging from hill walking to climbing expeditions to high peaks and difficult to take a long time, even for months.
According to the activities and types of terrain encountered, mountaineering is divided into three parts:
1. Hill Walking / Fell Walking
Travel climb hills relatively gentle and who do not or do not require special equipment of a technical nature.
2. Scrambling
Climbing on the rock cliffs that are not so steep or relatively gentle, sometimes using hands for balance. For beginners usually fitted to a safety rope line on the track.
3. Climbing
Climbing activities that require mastery of specific techniques. Technical equipment necessary for security. Climbing usually takes no more than one day.
Form of climbing activity is divided into two parts, namely:
a. Rock Climbing
Climbing on the rock cliffs that require climbing techniques using special equipment.
b. Snow & Ice climbing
Climbing on the ice and snow.
4. Mountaineering
It is a combination of all forms of climbing on top. The timing could be for days, weeks, even months. Besides the need to master climbing techniques and knowledge of climbing equipment, also have to master the management of travel, food arrangements, communications, strategy climbing, etc..

Difficulty level to which every person is different, depending on the development of new techniques. Those who frequent practice will have a level of difficulty / grade better than their new practice.
Classification ascent based on the level of difficulty faced by the field (based on the Sierra Club):
Class 1: walk upright, do not need a special foot gear (walking).
Class 2: The terrain is rather difficult, so the legs proper equipment and the use of hand as a helper and a balance is needed (scrambling).
Class 3: the more difficult terrain, so that required a specific climbing technique, but has not required a safety rope (climbing).
Class 4: The difficulty increases, the required safety rope and piton to anchor / fastening (exposed climbing).
Class 5: The route is difficult, but the equipment (ropes, slings, python, etc.), still serves as a safety tool (Difficult free climbing).
Class 6: The climbing is no longer providing a handle, crack or cavity shear force needed for climbing. Ascent entirely dependent on the equipment (aid climbing).
1. Himalayan System, is a climbing system that is used to travel a long ascent, takes many weeks. This system is developed on the climb to the peaks in the Himalayas. Cooperation group in this system is divided into several resting place (for example: base camp, flying camp, etc.). Although only one member of the team who reached the peak, while the rest of the team only reached the middle of the journey, this climb can be said successful.
2. Alpine System, is a climbing system that flourished in the Alps. The goal for all climbers reach the summit together. This system is faster, because the climbers do not need to go back to base camp, a trip made jointly by the way continues to rise and open camp flying to the top.
PREPARATION FOR a mountain climber
To be a good mountaineer take several requirements, among others:
1. Mental characteristics.
A mountain climber must be steadfast in the face of many difficulties and challenges in the open. Not easily discouraged, and dared, in the sense of the word was able to face challenges and overcome them wisely and also dare to recognize the limited ability.
2. Knowledge and skills
Includes knowledge about the terrain, weather, climbing techniques knowledge of climbing equipment and so forth.
3. Adequate physical condition
Mountain climbing including heavy sports, so it requires good physical condition. Success or failure of a climb depends on physical strength. For that to keep good physical condition and ready, we must always practice.
4. Ethics
We must realize fully that a mountain climber is a part of society that has rules and laws in force that we must grasp firmly. Climbing mountains without thinking of personal safety is not a commendable attitude, besides that we also must respect the attitudes and opinions of the public about mountain climbing activities as we do.

(Source: Guidance Manual Hiking & Exploring Wilderness / EAT & E – EAST 2003)



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  1. Siip mas.. The MATe never ending.. disini aku menemukan keluarga baru..

    coment wiwite:
    >Tapi dalam hidup yang penting bermanfaat bagi orang lain
    >Tapi bukan berarti dimanfaatkan oleh orang lain

  2. TheMATe my love

    sukses selalu to theMATe.
    Hidup TheMATe
    Aq senang banget bisa gabung bersama keluarga TheMate
    Makasih atas semuanya…

  3. mas salam lestari kami dari . kami adalah komonitas pecinta alam. yang ada di banyuwangi
    mau tukar pendapat atau kalo bisa kami minta sedikit bantuan tentang materi kepecintaan alam. terima kasih sebelumnya atas segalanya

    ~> salam lestari…., bisa mungkin tentang navrad atau materi yang lain…salam kenal juga..

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  6. kalau bisa aku kirimin buku panduan penggunaan alat mountenering khususnya cara penggunaan matrialnya (seperti jumar, ascender, pulay, dll) tolong ya ?

  7. mas salam hijau……
    tanks sebelumnya……..
    aku uga anak pecinta alam…
    masih bnyak perlu panduan tentang mua2 yang berkaitan dengan alam mohon bantuanya….alanya di daerah kami msh kurang pembimbing…….
    di daerah kamikontur daerah nya pegunungan.dan dataran tinggi yang msh bnyak hutanya…….

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