ahlis w, Penggunaan Metode Iterasi Jacobi Sebagai Solusi Penyelesaian Sistem Persamaan Linear Untuk Permasalahan Numerik Dengan Program Matlab 7 For Windows. <download…>

SPL solutions in numerical generally always (be) more efficient and faster than analytical methods, such as the method of Cramer. However, this numerical solution is technically sometimes also berkendala, because: (1) there is some linear combination equation approach, due to the “round-off error” of a calculating machine on, (2) a calculation of the accumulation phase of “round-off error” in the computational domain will result in real numbers (fixed point) in the calculation will be exceeded (overflow).
In Jacobi iteration method, the settlement done iteratively, where the iteration process is carried out until convergence is achieved with a value given tolerance. From the test results can be known that the Jacobi iteration method has a precision of better results and faster computation time than Gaussian Elimination method and LU decomposition method. Use of the programming approach with MATLAB 7, one of the computer software that can be used to provide numerical computing solutions.

Keywords: Cremer, Gauss Jacobi, MATLAB

Ubuntu Guide

Hint network and share folders in ubuntu

Install samba server, how …?

Open a terminal terminal type:

sudo apt-get install samba

try the download is directed to a local repository, not the internet online

Create a default folder My documents on the home’s how ….

Click Start> Places> Computer> File System> Home> User … .. (name kompie)

Create a new folder with the name of My Documents

Setting Network and computer name in Network (Work Group & Computer name)

Click Start> System> Administration> Network

In the Host name content with the computer name

Share folders. Previously, make sure the samba server is already installed.

Share the folder you want the way ..?

Click Start> System> Administration> Share Folder

In the Share Folder column,

Patch: select the folder you want to share, navigate to the My documents that had been made above.

Share Throught: Windows network (SMB)

Share Propertise

Name: … … … … … .. Fill as desired dikosongi not too papa!

Comments: … … … … … …

In the column of General Propertise,

Domain / Workgroup: warnetlinux (up to you)

Make accessable share folder (can be accessed without a password)

First we open the configuration file sambanya, how ..?
type sudo gedit / etc / samba / smb.conf

After that will open a text editor contains rules pengkonfigurasian samba. Then find all the words security = user. Having met replace with the following words security = share
Do not forget to remove a semicolon (;) in front of the word security is also omit a semicolon (;) at the

guest account = nobody Then in the end provide the setting for the folder that we will share

[Name of shared folder]
path = / path / name / directory

writable = no
public = yes
guest ok = yes
guest only = yes
guest account = nobody
browsable = yes

After that restart sambanya
/ Etc / init.d / samba restart

may be useful.

Create as deepfreze as

select the following files in the user’s home (login windowsnya)

. Config

. Gnome


. Gconf

. Gconfd


Made archiev. Tar.gz

then make a hiden on the View menu

switch user and then enter the administrator login

open a terminal on accessories

in terminal type: sudo nautilus

Copy the archive file to the root (for back up), close the windows root

enter the terminal: sudo gedit / etc / init.d / rc

Scrip add:


cd / home / user

tar-xzvf. namefile.tar.gz

Do not forget to save his terminal!

good luck



3 Komentar

  1. Apakah dalam penggunaan MATLAB dapat digunakan buat grafik? tadikan bisa untuk menyelesein SPL, hehehe …. coz MATLAB.

  2. yah tentunya bisa membuat grafiknya dengan formula grafik, tentunya untuk memberikan gambaran/menjadi media belajar juga bagus. tapi intinya kita juga harus belajar menguasai MATLAB.Thx

  3. mas wid ajarin bikin donlodan di postingan ya….
    ato kirimin panduan nya ke emelku…..

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